With a multi-disciplined on-site engineering team combined with Finite Element Analysis software and strong calculation experience, R. B. Ross are able to cater for all scales of project. From full-scale design & build right down to proofing and optimisation design, we are able to ensure that the end product fits the brief whilst optimising for maximum strength and minimum weight. The engineering team also works very closely with our manufacturing teams, allowing for improved design-for-manufacture and reduced turn-around times.

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R. B. Ross have been manufacturing in the North-East of Aberdeen for over 30 years. Over this time, we have continually re-invested in our equipment and facilities, allowing us to solve the ever-more complex manufacturing challenges with the most appropriate solutions. By maintaining a high standard of equipment, we are also able to ensure our experienced teams can meet tough deadlines and provide the highest quality of manufacture. We also work closely with select suppliers including preferred testing and inspection partners, to ensure your project is certified and ready to use.